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Real cultural, linguistic and commercial interface, our team has only one goal: to save you precious time and capture new market shares in France and abroad for your company.

A major actor of the flax industry


"CBCI also helped us to obtain the necessary financing for our export development and to limitate our risk."

"We used the services of CBCI as part of the internationalization of our brand Sanelin, specialized in Flax Home Linen.
They proposed different levels of support: Building of the export strategy and business plan, preparation and participation in trade fairs, prospecting actions, support in obtaining financing, field sales actions, training of our sales team ..."

Alix POLLET, Présidente de SANECO | www.saneco.com 



Please also discover the testimony of Alix Pollet, CEO, at the EDHEC in Roubaix
on February 23 rd

SANECO / SANELIN‘s company international success, supported by Cécile
Boury International Business Development’s team, member of the OSCI (an
association of operators specialized in international trade) !


Bpifrance, the French Public Investment Bank 


"these devices are conditioned by the quality of the project, a coherent action plan and strategic choices to maximize business success. It is clear that the fies accompanied by Cécile Boury’s team correspond to these criteria.


 We have collaborated on numerous occasions with Cécile Boury International Business Development through various projects supporting companies in their export development.

As a regional manager of the development of public guarantees, I always appreciated exchanging with Cécile Boury and her team and that because we share the same idea of export support to know that it must go through a structured approach, ambitious that must be sustainable or human remains the key to success.


The advice provided, the training offered and the human resources in shared mode are
solutions appreciated by the companies supported and complementary to our natural
partners that it is Business France, the CCI, the CCEF and the banking networks. Yes, we are
very satisfid to work together !! 

David Soyer, Regional Director - Public Fnances -  | http://www.bpifrance.com/ 



Business France is responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, facilitating international investment in France.


"It happens that the majority of companies who trusted Cécile Boury with their marketing meetings with foreign potential clients, identified by Business France, sign export contracts within the fist months.".


I, Cyrille Leveaux, North-East Interregional Director of Agence Business France, certify that Mrs. Cécile Boury, is an excellent professional of the international support of companies.

The IPSOS survey institute carries out surveys of companies for which Business France organizes prospecting missions to evaluate the impact of these prospecting in terms of exports.

It happens that the majority of companies who trusted Cécile Boury with their marketing meetings with foreign potential clients, identifid by Business France, sign export contracts within the fist months.

Finally, it must be stressed that Ms. Boury, acts in a territory, the Cambresis, which is in economic reconversion. Supporting companies in this region in their export approach helps to create business and sustain employment. In this respect, Cécile Boury has been recruiting regularly since the creation of her company.»"

Cyrille Leveaux, Inter-regional director Hauts-de-France | www.businessfrance.fr 




CCI International Picardie (Picardie region Chamber of Commerce)

CCI France international is a public association which help the companies in their export development


"At trade exhibitions assisting at an early stage these companies is essential.".


At trade exhibitions assisting at an early stage these companies is essential. They must know how to prepare for the meetings, how to do the follow up and also to be trained to come along in english. Cécile Boury International Business Development has intervened on these particular items, allowing the companies to obtain good advises and guidance as well as being much more efficient before, during and after the event."

Véronique LELONG,
International Development Advisor - www.cci-international.net/fr/




Les Manufactures Catry

A benchmark of excellence in high-end decorative flooring


"Cécile Boury International Development enabled Catry to quickly achieve its export policy thanks to its experience, expertise, solid and highly efficient prospecting tools."


"Since 2011, Cecile Boury International Business Development (CBCI) company is ensuring the international business development of my company. My desire at that time was to promote our 100 years of experience in the traditional carpeting to some new markets. The economic environment being complicated, it was necessary to develop those markets quickly but also to consolidate the existing ones.

Since CBCI’s desire is to fully support the CEO in this personal, financial and sometimes risky investment, she is systematically including the creation of files to help obtaining exporting financial support. The complexity of those files is completely mastered and allow the company to consolidate its action but also to have more serenity and to focus on the main goals."


Caroline CATRY, CEO | www.lesmanufacturescatry.eu


World leader lace manufacturer


"Our turnover in European market keeps on increasing for years. It is win-win cooperation between both companies".

"Tianhai lace is world-wide leading lace manufacturer, with high reputation on innovation and quality guarantee, head office bases in China with globally professional sales force.

Tianhai lace started cooperation with Cecile Boury Conseil International from 2015, Thanks for her 20-year experience in lace industry and apparel market, Ms. Cecile had achieved big success on our marketing strategy, such as European Management for sales and marketing support of agents, key account management, direct prospection of markets.


Our sales team, not only China team but also European agents, are highly appreciated fer support and guidance, as well as CBCI's sales team's help on identification of new prospect customers, new marketing tools such as emailing campaigns, etc.

Our key custmers are happy with our sales services. More and more potentiel customers adopt Tianhai lace. Our turnover in European market keeps on increasing for years.

It is win-win cooperation between both companies.


Yours Sincerely,"

Alex YUAN, Sales Director of Outerwear Lace Section | www.gztianhai.com


“Cécile and her excellent team at CBCI have been instrumental in helping us to grow our business in the UK."

"The combination of Cécile’s years of experience in global trading, mixed with her teams drive and technical knowledge have allowed us to explore new ways of identifying and approaching customers with a combination of traditional methods, phone calls and meetings and modern ones, email campaigns and online information gathering. The mix of these techniques has proven very effective and we couldn’t be happier with the service we received from the CBCI team which is always fast, efficient and friendly.

They are always a pleasure to deal with!"

Harrion TATEM-WYATT, Agent of the UK market - fashion and outerwear sector | www.gztianhai.com






Company specialized in the creation and manufacture of household linens


"A great adventure on both human and commercial level, rich in lessons, a true partnership".

""Première Impression is a company specialized in the creation and manufacture of household linen, after almost ten years of existence we had the desire to extend internationally. As a small structure it was necessary to externalize this mission and find a partner expert about international trade, and which had a knowledge of the decoration sector.

This is how we met Cécile Boury and her collaborators and we were embarked on the adventure.

The experience of CBCI, their listening, their outside view first allowed us to ask ourselves and get to know each other better. We realized that we had a lack of visibility, CBCI first helped us to highlight the personality and the main assets of our company. We were able to set up marketing tools more easily."

Catherine DEFRAITEUR et Yannick PENGUILLY, CEOs of Première Impression |





Bleu Nature

Design and high-end furniture company


"Cécile Boury International Business Development has made a great work of structuring and managing teams in-house ..."


"I felt that I had no more time to be in the field and to follow my clients in a favoured manner. Cécile has structured and managed the entire internal and external marketing team. Moreover, she has been a valuable and useful interface in negotiations with the international group to which I wanted to sell my shares."


Frank LEFEBVRE, Founder and Artistic Director of Bleu Nature


Halo Group

World leader in luxury furniture and lifestyle market


"We wanted to expand our portfolio of customers and needed to create a strong commercial export structure. The experience of Cécile Boury at international level, her personality and dynamism have convinced us to call upon the services of her company.CBCI has developed a business strategy by territory, set up an ad hoc team and negotiated contracts with distributors and agents. Cécile Boury has put in 100%.Her sense of contact and her pragmatism were much appreciated by colleagues, distributors and customers.The results are there and the action of CBCI has been beneficial to our company. "

Anne-Laure GOUTTEFARDE, General Manager – Designer Brands